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Online Physics Course

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This is an online course for students taking PHYS 201 or 202 at the University of Delaware.
If you are in either of these courses, my online course will be a lifesaver.

$270 for everything below

Lecture videos of all powerpoint slides redone by Dan the Tutor

  • I can explain the concepts and equations in a way that actually makes sense

  • I can’t use the exact powerpoint slides that the professors use (because that would be illegal), but I can do better than that since their powerpoints are so confusing and boring

  • I will eliminate the pain and frustration of trying to learn physics (and believe me, it is a pain)

Video solutions of all homework problems

  • I walk through each problem step by step

  • Rewatch it as many times as you need

  • The lectures prepare you for 2 homework questions, and then the other 16 you have no idea what to do. That’s why I’m here to fill in the gaps.

Access to all my exam reviews

  • I am famous for my 2-3 hour long exam reviews with roughly 30 questions

  • Everything’s recorded, so you can rewatch it on your own time

  • My students always tell me they learn more in these exam reviews than they do in the entire semester

Why not just use Chegg?

  • Because Chegg only helps you with specific homework problems and don’t prepare you for the exams

  • You can email me with any additional questions you have with the homework or about the class in general (I always respond within 24 hours)

  • Everyone uses Chegg, but the averages on the exams are always below 70%. If you ask me, Chegg just helps you get through the homework so you can fail the exams.

Students who meet with me for private tutoring for at least 3 sessions get half-off on the whole deal ($135)

for online physics course

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