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Online Calculus Course

Choose a unit to get started

Unit 0: Precalculus Review

Everything you should know before going into calculus

Unit 1: Limits and Continuity

Introduction to limits, Limits from graphs, Evaluating limits, Limits at infinity, Piecewise functions, Continuity, Intermediate Value Theorem, Limit definition of derivative

Unit 2: The Derivative

Rules of differentiation, Chain rule, Trig derivatives, Slope of a tangent line, Higher order derivatives, Graphs of derivatives

Unit 3: Advanced Derivatives

Implicit differentiation, Inverse functions, Inverse trig derivatives, Derivatives of exponential and logarithmic functions, Logarithmic differentiation

Unit 4: Applications of Derivatives

Particle motion, Critical values, First and second derivative tests, Absolute and relative extrema, Mean value theorem, Optimization, Related rates, Local linear approximations, L'Hospital's rule

Unit 5: The Integral

Riemann sums, The fundamental theorem of calculus, Properties of integrals, Definite vs indefinite integrals, Rules of integration, U-substitution

Unit 6: Applications of Integrals

Particle motion, Area between curves, Differential equations, Average value theorem, Disc and washer method for finding volume, Shell method

Unit 7: Practice AP Tests

Lots of practice tests from previous years plus calculator tips

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