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So, I made a store. It's pretty cool. I make about $3 per item. Get your swag on!

(Shipping not included, terrible, I know)

Tee Logo Black.jpg

Classic Tee


The original Dan the Tutor Classic Tee

Long Sleeve Logo Black.jpg

Long Sleeve Tee


Just like the Classic Tee, but longer

Hoodie Logo Black.jpg

Pullover Hoodie


The only hoodie certified to keep Dan from getting chilly

Zipper Hoodie Logo Black.jpg

Zip Hoodie


The poor man's pullover hoodie

Womens Tee Logo Black.jpg

Women's Tee


Like the Classic Tee, except comfier material

Womens Tank Top Logo Black.jpg

Women's Tank Top


The perfect gift for your girlfriend

Tank Top Logo Black.jpg

Men's Tank Top


Suns out, guns out

Socks Logo Black.jpg

Crew Socks


The only socks you'll need for the rest of your life

Mug Logo Black.jpg



First step to studying - coffee

Backpack Logo Black.jpg



Guaranteed to make your books smarter

Sticker Logo White.jpg

Laptop Sticker


Let the world know who your favorite tutor is

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